Current Rates:

Included in site price are 4 people, 1 vehicle, and 1 RV or Tent. Additional fees for additional people or vehicles. Please read on for site maximums.

  • 30 Amp- Full Hook up site (Water, Electric, and Sewer)
    $60 WEEKDAYS   *based on Four (4) person occupancy
    $65 WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS  *based on (4) person occupancy 
  • 50 Amp- Full Hook up site (Water, Electric, and Sewer)
    $65 WEEKDAYS   *based on Four (4) person occupancy $70 WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS *based on (4) person occupancy 
  • Super Site- Full Hook up site (Water, Electric, and Sewer) Sites: 25,26,27,28
    $90 WEEKDAYS   *based on Eight (8) person occupancy
    $95 WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS  *based on Eight (8) person occupancy
    These sites can accommodate one RV, and 2 to 4 tents depending on site accommodations (water, electric, and sewer)  
  • 30 Amp Pull Thru- Full Hook up site (Water, Electric, and Sewer)
    $65 WEEKDAYS   *based on Four (4) person occupancy
    $70 WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS  *based on (4) person occupancy 
  • 50 Amp Pull thru- Full Hook up site (Water, Electric, and Sewer)
    $70 WEEKDAYS   *based on Four (4) person occupancy
    $75 WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS  *based on (4) person occupancy 
  • Tent sites with electric (site is based on one maximum size 10’x10’ tent)
    $50 WEEKDAYS   *based on four (4) person occupancy
    $55 WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS  *based on four (4) person occupancy 
  • Additional people (2 years old+) $5 per person/night
    Maximum of 8 total people per site
    Maximum of 16 total people on Supersites 25,26,27,28 
  • Additional vehicles (ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, utility trailers) $10/night
    Maximum of 2 total vehicles per site if there is room on that site if not must park up front East of Office
    Maximum of 2 total vehicles on Supersites 25,26,27,28 
  • No Cost for Additional tent added to an existing site reservation only $5 per person for additional people if there is room on site. 10 ×10 MAX-larger tents will be denied without refund
    Supersites 25-28 can accommodate 2 tents with a RV or 4 tents without; all other sites are only allowed one additional tent if there is room. 
  • Pet rent (2 dogs max per site) $5 per dog/night

Holiday Weekends: (3 night minimum in order to reserve. In rare instances, due to lengths of reservations, a site may be available for a portion of the holiday weekend- please call for that information)

  • Memorial Day – last Monday in May.
  • Independence Day – July 4th
  • Pioneer Day – July 24th
  • Labor Day – 1st Monday of September.


  • Check in begins at 3 pm and check out is by 11 am. We do offer a late check out for $10 that will get you until 2 pm and an early check in for $10 that will allow you to come in as early as 12 pm. RVs need to be in their site by 10 pm on their arrival date. Contact or leave a message if you are late due to accident, etc. Tents staying on the Riverside, must be in their sites by 9 pm if they intend on driving their vehicles down onto the riverside. Otherwise, you can hand carry your items down onto the riverside until 11 pm.
  • Speed limit is 5 MPH and is strictly enforced. Violators will be asked to leave. 
  • Street Legal ATVs, UTVS, Motorcycles, and Dirt bikes are allowed to park in the overflow parking at Mary’s Place beside the A-Frame for the duration of their visit.  HOWEVER, they are not allowed to drive in or around the camp areas.  
  • Fires are allowed pending there isn’t a fire ban in process. We have some sites with fire pits and some portable fire pits for rent. You are allowed to bring your own fire pit, but it must be elevated 20 inches off the grass.  NO Firewood from outside the campground will be allowed into Mary’s Campground.  Please ask the camp host where to set your fire pit up, BEFORE starting any fires.  Only firewood purchased from the campground may be burnt.  No (cigarettes, glass, or cans) are to be placed in fire pits. This will result in a $25 cleaning fee. 
  • Please keep all animals on leash throughout the park. We only allow well behaved and social animals at Mary’s Place. We do not have a pet area where they can come off leash. Dogs may not be tied up outside or left unattended and must be on a leash, or in your trailer, as this can be annoying to your neighbors Please pick up after your pet and dispose of droppings. Do not leave dog food outside, raccoons and skunks love dog food! No pets allowed in the bathrooms! Only 2 dogs per site! 
  • After dark, please keep children in your campsite, this includes bike riding. it is difficult to see children darting in and out of the campsites during the day, it’s impossible at night. 
  • Bathrooms & showers are for registered campers. Please pick up after yourselves and dispose of all trash.  No washing dishes in the bathroom’s sinks; No smoking in the bathrooms please. 
  • Quiet Time Hours begin at 10 PM. Please make sure that you are courteous of your neighbors! If you have a super loud exhaust system you will be asked to park your vehicle by the A Frame as to not disturb others. 
  • All visitors are to register in the office and must leave before quiet hours begin. 
  • This is a family friendly campground so please keep in mind that there will be laughing, sitting by the bon fire, and general noise. But excessive behaviors will not be tolerated.  Be respectful and have fun! 
  • Please keep all belongings inside your campsite. If you impose into another campsite, your belongings will be moved or asked to move. This is a courtesy to campers that may be arriving later in the evening. 
  • No guns, BB guns, etc. allowed. 
  • The water hookups are for trailers only. No washing RVs or trucks, no swim pools of any kind will be permitted. 
  • The Camp Hosts have everyone’s and the campground’s best interest, if they foresee any problems, they will ask you politely to correct it. If you choose not to then you will be asked to leave without refund.

Thank You!



Cancellation Policy (Upon booking you will be required to put down a $65.00 Deposit.  If you are to cancel at any time, you will be subject to a $10 Plus tax cancellation fee PER SITE. CANCELLATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY PHONE. YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT US BY EMAIL AND YOU WILL NEED TO GET A RESPONSE IN ORDER FOR YOUR CANCELLATION TO BE CONFIRMED.

You will have 2 weeks or 14 days PRIOR to arrival to cancel to receive a full refund minus the $10 cancellation fee. If you cancel during those two weeks, you will lose your $65.00 deposit or if you paid the full amount, you will be charged $65.00, and the remaining balance will be refunded and put back on your card. one night's stay, and No Shows = No refund.

If you reserve sites for a group more than 6 months in advance and your group is 3 sites or greater, there will be a $65 security deposit that will be Lost besides the cancellation fee’s that may apply. If you make reservations and they are under your credit card information you remain responsible for all cancellation fees or incidentals regarding those sites. THIS INCLUDES ADDITIONAL COSTS FOR ADDITIONAL PEOPLE/VEHICLES/DAMAGE TO SITES/CLEANING FEES. Please ensure if you are holding these sites for your group that you call to verify that the group has cancelled any un-wanted sites PRIOR to the cancellation deadline. All modifications MUST be made no later than 2 weeks PRIOR to arrival. 

Download Rules & Rates PDF